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The Center for Plant Molecular Biology ZMBP in Tübingen/Germany invites biologists or biochemists to apply for a PhD student position jointly supervised by renowned Distinguished Guest Professor Jeffrey Dangl (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). This position (E13 TV-L / 50%) is now available for three years. The major topic of the work will be the molecular, mechanistic and physiological analysis of receptor kinases implicated in plant immunity to microbial infection. Particular emphasis will be put on those receptors that are target of interference by microbial effectors. For more information on our labs please visit:



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EVIMalaR is a collaborative research Network of Excellence, funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the University of Glasgow. It currently engages 49 Principal Investigators from 34 institutions in Europe (29) and malaria endemic countries (5). The consortium conducts research on malaria parasites and their interactions with both mammalian hosts and mosquito vectors.


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We are interested in genetic programs and mutations which impact on tumor development and sensitivity to anticancer therapies. Utilizing either transgenic mouse models that develop primary lymphomas with defined genetic lesions (by crossbreeding to knockout mice and by retroviral transfer of genes and siRNAs into established lymphoma cells or hematopoietic stem cells) or primary human lymphoma and leukemia samples, we study genetic and biochemical effects of drug responses in vivo. We are particularly interested in further elucidating the roles of defective apoptosis and senescence programs in tumorigenesis and chemoresistance with a specific emphasis on the complex contribution of the tumor microenvironment and the host immune response.

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University of Leipzig, Department of General Zoology and Neurobiology
Doctoral Student Position (TV-L 13/2)
Application deadline: not specified

A position for a doctoral student at the University of Leipzig, Department of General Zoology and Neurobiology (Prof. Rudolf Rubsamen) is available in the project
“Development of acoustically evoked and spontaneous pre- and postsynaptic discharge activity in the anteroventral cochlear nucleus (AVCN) and in the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body (MNTB): An electrophysiological study in mice and Mongolian gerbils.”

This is a joint project with Prof. H. v. Gersdorff (Vollum Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA) funded for three years by a DFG Research Grant.
Electrophysiological in vivo and in vitro recordings shall be performed in second order neurons (AVCN) and third order neurons (MNTB) of the ascending auditory system in mice and Mongolian gerbils between postnatal days 6 and 30. This period includes the time before the onset of acoustically evoked signal processing up to (almost) physiological maturity in central auditory signaling. In both target nuclei, the recordings will enable a differentiation between the presynaptic electrical activity and the postsynaptic activity (EPSP and/or action potential) of the respective principal neurons. The data will allow to scrutinize the postnatal development of (i) spontaneous and (ii) stimulus evoked discharge activity, (iii) changes in the reliability of synaptic transmission and (iv) in the synaptic delay in vivo. Mice are chosen because of possibility to use genetically manipulated specimen and gerbils because of their sensitivity to low sound frequencies, which provides the oppor!
tunity for precise analysis of temporal aspects of signal processing (e.g. phase locking).
The Department of General Zoology and Neurobiology (www.uni-leipzig.de/~neuro), located at the Faculty of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology, is embedded in a strong neuroscience research community at the University of Leipzig (www.zv.uni-leipzig.de/forschung/pbf/gehirn-kognition-und-sprache.html). Working facilities are excellent, and PhD students will be affiliated with the DFG Research Training Group InterNeuro (www.uni-leipzig.de/~ineuro/). Funding of the PhD project is for 3 years.

The University of Leipzig is an equal opportunity employer encouraging female scientists and scientists with disabilities to apply.

Please send application papers only in copy without folder or by e-mail. They will be destroyed after a retention period.

Contact address:
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Rubsamen
Department of General Zoology and Neurobiology
Faculty of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology
University of Leipzig
Talstrasse 33, 04103 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0)341-9736723
Email: rueb@uni-leipzig.de
Web: http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~neuro

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We are seeking a candidate with a strong background in cell physiology and molecular biology with a diploma or masters degree in biology/physiology/cell biology for a PhD-thesis to work on patho-physiological mechanisms of hypoxia- and inflammation-induced pulmonary edema will be investigated.

Methods: Functional and molecular studies will be performed on a co-culture system of primary alveolar epithelial cells with lung micro-vascular endothelial cells (in vitro model of the alveolar barrier). Inflammatory processes will be initiated by adding stimulated alveolar macrophages. Rat lung barrier function will also be studied in vivo.
Signaling mechanisms will be studied by gene silencing/overexpression and functional measurements.

Time: About 3 to 4 years
Begin: January 2010

Achievements: The results of this study will help understand molecular mechanisms that cause lung epithelial and endothelial damage and edema formation in inflammation and hypoxia. These are involved in immune-defense mechanisms such as in pneumonia, ARDS, ALI. Molecular studies will help clarify involved signalling pathways.

Prof.Dr.Heimo Mairbäurl
Medical Clinic VII, Sports Medicine
INF 410, Heidelberg, Germany

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At the Institute of Materials Science and Technology (IMT) of the Friedrich-Schiller-University (FSU) Jena, the following positions are available:

One postdoctoral position (full time)

One PhD studentship (part time)

in Materials Science & Engineering / Physics / Chemistry

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The Biotechnology Centre (BIOTEC, http://www.biotec.tu-dresden.de) is
a unique interdisciplinary center focussing on research and
teaching in molecular bioengineering. Available immediately, we
are looking for a

Junior Research Group Leader


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