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In the department of Isotope Biogeochemistry at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ we offer a position as

PhD Student in the field of anaerobic biochemistry / microbiology (code-digit 09/2011)

to commence at the earliest date. The appointment is for 3 years, working place is the Helmholtz Centre in Leipzig, Germany.

The project investigates the biochemistry of anaerobic respiration in bacteria of the genus Dehalococcoides. These bacteria are widely distributed in nature and are able to transform highly toxic, halogenated compounds by using them as electron acceptors in an anaerobic respiration. The goals of our research is to understand electron transport pathways leading to energy conservation in these bacteria and to identify the involved proteins. Preliminary results coming from microbiological, biochemical and genomic studies suggest a novel process. We anticipate to contribute with our research to the further development of bioremediation efforts and to identify biotechnological applications.



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The Graduate School Life Science Munich (LSM) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich offers an International PhD program in life sciences covering areas of anthropology, biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, microbiology, plant sciences,
systematics and zoology.

The program will be complemented by lectures, seminars and workshops, and provides scientific training in one of Germany´s top universities.

Applicants will be selected based on academic qualification, research experience and motivation. The LSM also accepts outstanding students with a Bachelor´s degree, which will be enrolled in a preparatory program (covered by a stipend of 643 Euro per month).

If you are interested, visit our website info beasiswa for further information and online application.

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