Catatan Seorang Petualang

Plant System Biology Scholarship


The Department of Plant Systems Biology at the Technische Universität
München (TUM) invites applications by highly motivated candidates for a
PhD position (TV-L E13/2) in plant cell biology/biochemistry.
Topic: Role of deubiquitination in plant vacuole formation.

We are looking for a highly motivated and hard working candidate with
outstanding research potential. A good understanding in molecular
biology is essential. Our group is interested in the regulation of cellular
events by ubiquitination with a special focus of deubiquitinating
enzymes in the model plant Arabidopsis.

We now want to study the
molecular mechanisms by which deubiquitination is contributing to
vacuole formation. Our research involves biochemical, molecular and
cell biological methods.

The candidate should hold a diploma or masters degree in biology or
biochemistry and have experience in molecular biology/biochemistry.
The position is available from February 2011. Our working languages
are English and German.

Our department at the Technische Universität München is located on the
Weihenstephan-campus and provides state-of-the-art facilities for
research in biochemistry, proteomics and microscopy.
Please send your application in English or German (cover letter describing
your research interests, CV, transcripts and contacts of two references)

Erika Isono, Ph.D. (,
Department of Plant Systems Biology,
TUM, Emil-Ramann-Str.4, Freising.