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PhD Position in Molecular Botany


We offer a PhD position that is financed by the DFG (TV-L/2) for 3 years the Institute of General Botany. The focus of this project is on the further functional analyses of a temporal regulated protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) and its role in the circadian system of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Protein disulfide isomerases are known to play important roles in the folding of nascent proteins and in the formation of disulfide bonds. With a combination of heparin affinity chromatography, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, we identified a PDI that is specifically enriched by heparin in samples taken during subjective night. It may play a role in circadian redox signaling pathways and/or act in folding other proteins in a circadian gated way.

In detail, studies on the following aims are planned:
(a) Identification of interaction partners during day and night
(b) Further characterization of redox targets and/or interaction partners of the PDI
(c) Influence of posttranslational modifications on complex formation of the PDI (e. g. phosphorylation)
(d) Functional analyses of the PDI and its interaction partners in the circadian system by RNAi
(e) Determination of oxidative refolding and chaperone activity of the PDI
(f) Studies to determine the localization of the PDI and its interaction partners
Such an approach will address novel aspects of the regulatory mechanism of posttranslational control via protein-protein interaction and redox signaling in the circadian clock of C. reinhardtii.

For more information please visit the publication list of our institute (
The project will require molecular biology techniques like cloning, transformation, overexpression of proteins and RNAi. Also protein purification and characterization methods like Western analysis, co-immunoprecipitation and mass spectrometric analysis will be applied. The applicant should have experiences in at least some of these methods, but this is not a prerequisite. A solid knowledge of English is required.

Please send your application (preferably as pdf-file) to the address stated below (Keyword: PhD position PDI2; job advertisement no. 03/2011) till 06. February 2011. An application letter , curriculum vitae and letter of reference should be included. For further information feel free to contact me using the email adress stated below.

Dr. Volker Wagner
AG Prof. Dr. M. Mittag
Am Planetarium 1
07743 Jena
Tel.: 03641/949215 or 949227